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The 3rd round of the 2013 Gamagatsu Teams Series (GTS) North Series was held on the Clarence River on the 14th April. The teams event was run from the quiet holiday location of Illuka. This river system is huge, with anglers fishing anywhere from Yamba right up the river past Grafton. With the recent heavy rains on the east coast of Australia, the Clarence River was still slightly under flood and the water clarity was far from clean. As with all the teams tournaments, a quick prefish was in order. Rob and Britto arrived at Yamba around 6.30 am with light drizzle and 15-20 knot winds. The word on the street was that were heaps of bream around but the larger, kicker fish were hard to come by.


Rob and Britto had decided that their pre-fish arena would be from the seaway rock wall right up to Brown’s Rocks. However with the swell and wind conditions not allowing access to the seaway rock walls, Rob and Britto decided to start fishing both the inside and outside sections of middle wall. They started with a tandem approach of pitching lightly weighted Gulp Shrimp and slow rolling deep 3B Fat Dogs hard up against the rocky wall. Rob chose to use a Patriarch XTR 2-4 kg rod paired with a Patriarch  XT reel and 3 LB Stren Microfuse with a 3LB Sensei leader and Britto chose to use a Vanguard 2 – 4 kg spin rod paired with a  Abu Revo SX reel and 3 LB Stren Microfuse with 4 Lb Trilene Fluorocarbon leader.

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It didn’t take long to realise that there were a heap of fish on both sides of middle wall. Rob and Britto decided that cranking the walls was by far a more consistent method. The boys then began working their way up river stopping at two other walls, locating once again heaps of bream. The next stop was Brown’s Rocks which is when the heavens opened up and four hours of heavy rain came pounding down. Brown’s Rocks produced small bream and a couple more legals. At 10:30 Rob and Britto, happy that they had a solid game plan, pulled the pin, pulled the boat out and had a hot shower.

Tournament day saw a change in the weather conditions with a 15-20 knot SW blowing and not a cloud in the sky. With 42 teams competing it didn’t take long to realise that other teams had also located good numbers of bream along the walls. Rob and Britto chose to start the morning fishing the inside of middle wall, but the weather change over night had put the fish down a bit and the first run only saw one legal fish boated and a couple of undersize ones – massive change to prefish and had Rob and Britto second guessing their strategies. The boys decided to swap sides and fish the main run of Middle Wall which resulted in instant success, with three more legals boated. Rob and Britto then decided to move upriver slightly and fish the Turkey Nest Wall. Britto nailed a 30.5 cm to the fork bream. Having got their bag of five by 8.30am, Rob and Britto decided to move to Collis Wall with 3 more 0.5cm upgrades making their way into the livewell. At around 10.30am Rob and Britto left Collis Wall and moved upriver to Brown’s Rocks. Once again there were lots of small bream with only one upgrade caught. At 12.30, with an estimate weight of 2.2-2.3kg, and the tide beginning to run out, the decision was made to go back to Turkey’s Nest and Collis Wall and crank the walls again.


Within half an hour two more upgrades were caught. At 1.30pm while slowing working his 3B Deep Fat Dog in Dirty Dog colour Rob received a big thump on his lure and after a couple of strong attempts to get back to the wall, a solid 35cm to the fork bream was boated. The boys had their kicker fish and they proceeded back to the weigh in. Rob and Britto’s bag weight was 2.86kg giving them the win and also big bream prize with the 910g bream.

Berkley Pro teams have proven their skills as high level competitors, with now winning three rounds of the GTS series for this season with Anthony Wishey and Ben Collins also winning at Ballina, and Shaun Chapman and Dean Hammond winning at Port Macquarie.


Rob and Britto

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