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Bush and Beach/Berkley/Pflueger Win the Opening Round of the 2014 Gamakatsu Team Series


The first round of the GTS was here on the Gold Coast in mid-January. The Gold Coast round comprised of a large arena from the tip of Mud Island in the North down to the Nernag River in the South, with the start line being at Paradise Point. With such a large field it was obvious that the winning bag could come from many locations. Pflueger and Berkley pro anglers Rob Kwiatkowski and Chris Britton again teamed up to compete in the GTS tournaments for the 2014 season. With the boys having finished in the top three in the GTS Team of the Year rankings for each of the previous three years, anticipation for another big season was high.

During the prefish, Rob and Britto chose to focus their attention on their faithful spots of past seasons in the southern end of Moreton Bay. Most locations contained fish but size and numbers were down compared to previous times. With a relatively light east/south east wind forecast of 10 knots and a mid-morning high tide of 2.4m, Rob and Britto knew the first three hours of the tournament would give them their best opportunities to catch their tournament limit.  Therefore they decided that the Southern Bay would still be the best choice for the start of the tournament.

After a quick briefing at the start location of Paradise Point, the tournament commenced. Rob and Britto began their 45min trip up to the Southern Bay. Fortunately the weather forecast was right and a smooth and fast trip was achieved. Rob and Britto’s prefish had identified that using surface lures over the shallow reefy and weedy banks would be the best way to start. Using the Berkley 3B Scumdog Large in the Warrigal and Terrier colours, the boys hoped to catch their bag limit while following the bream from the shallows up into the mangroves. Rob chose to use the Pflueger Patriarch XTR 2-4kg two piece with a Pflueger Patriarch 9530. Britton chose to use an ABU Vanguard 3-5 kg and ABU reel. Both boys chose to match their reels with 3lb microfuse and 4lb monofilament trilene leaders.

The first hour didn’t produce the fish as predicted and only two fish were added to the livewell. With the tide beginning to rise quickly, Rob and Britton began working their way up into the shallows towards the mangrove trees. Rob and Britto then decided to change their techniques with Rob choosing to rip 3” Gulp Minnows in Lime Tiger and Watermelon Pearl colours, matched to a 1/24th No. 2 jighead. Britto chose to alternate between cranking Berkley 3B Shallow Fatdog in the Mongrel colour and ripping 3” Gulp Minnows in Lime Tiger and Watermelon Pearl colours.

By 9am the boys were able to fill their bag limit, although a relatively small bag of 25-26 fork length bream. Upgrading the bag was next on the agenda. As they moved up the bank, Rob hooked and landed a nice 34cm fork length bream and 30 mins later hooked and landed another nice bream of 36cm fork length. This ended up anchoring their bag. After a few more location changes in hunt of upgrades, the boys managed a few small upgrades and finished with three bream at 26cm fork length, one at 34cm fork length and the Tournament Biggest Bream of 36cm fork length weighing 870g.

Rob and Britto’s bag, weighing 2.67kg was a smallish bag for Moreton bay, but on the day , it was big enough to secure the win. This win secures three straight first round victories for the Pflueger/Berkley Pro Angler Teams. The next event will be held at Iluka on the Clarence River where Rob and Britto are the defending round winners. Hopefully another top result can be achieved.






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