Pflueger Team Wins Tasmanian Bream Classic. Pat Sullivan


The weekend of the 29/30 of March saw round two of the Tasmania Bream Classic championship head to the east coast of Tasmania where teams would battle it out on a fishery renowned for good quality fish. Generally speaking to get you on the podium you will need to average of 5kg a day and this year proved to be no different. Most teams managed to find a few fish, the bigger ones were a little hard to come by though,


Prefish day:

Having put some time in prior to the pre fish ban we had a fairly good idea of where fish were located within the system, as was to be expected it was always going to be won in the bottom half of the system as the fish tend to hold here during the warmer months. We had identified three key areas, a shallow flat located well down the system, another a little further upstream in 10 foot of water and a third again further upstream again which varied in depth from 2-10 feet. We caught fish on everything from top waters to gulps deep so most techniques work, timing was crucial if we wanted to bag the bigger fish we had hoped for.


Day one:

With the tide pushing in we headed to our flat first and had a kicker fish in the well in under ten minutes, certainly the start we had hoped for. We peppered the flat for the next hour and bagged our on gulps and shallow running hard bodies, we had only added on good fish to the well meaning we would be chasing upgrades for the remainder of the day. Moving upstream we slowly managed to upgrade the bag, as the tide turned we moved again to the deeper area where we caught a good upgrade on a Gulp 3″ Fry in Camo. Still not happy with the bag we fished hard until the end and managed to bag a couple of later upgrades including another kicker fish on the last cast of the day!


Heading back to the weigh in we were happy with the bag and had managed to sneak into 3rd position with a 5.6kg bag, less than 200g from first place,


Day two:

The second day was always going to prove challenging, as the system is quite small the fish tend to shut down on the second day. Fortunately again within 10mins we had a kicker in the well which always helps! The fishing had slowed and we ended up leaving the flat with just four fish, with one we would be happy to weigh in at the end of the day. Spot two produced our 5th fish on the first cast when my Gulp fry was eaten on the drop. Although our bag was hardly impressive its still nice to have 5 in the boat early. We plugged away between our three spots and managed to slowly upgrade our bag with it edging closer to the 5kg mark. A dozen or so fish took a liking to the new Cranka Crabs, one being a solid upgrade we landed quite a few fish in the second half of the day but just couldn’t hook the ones we needed.

Heading back in we were hoping to hold onto a podium finish, fortunately most had found it even harder than us and we had managed to sneak home for the win by just 100g! Having missed out on a podium finish in the previous round by just 40g it was a awesome feeling getting the win and something we will both never forget. Sticking to our game plan and executing it was key to the weekend, the room for error was minimal.


Gear used:

Pflueger Patriarch 1-3kg rod

Pflueger Patriarch reels

Stren mircofuse 3lb

Berkley Sensei flurocarbon

Berkley Nitro jigheads – 1/8th to 1/32

Gulp 3″ floating shrimp – Peppered prawn

Gulp 3″ Fry – Camp

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