Bass Nation Championship – Steve Kanowski


A 10 minute hot bite period was all it was, but it would win a championship, and book me the trip of a lifetime to the Bass Nation Final in Monroe, Louisiana, USA.


It was the final day of the 2015 Australia Bass Nation Championship on Queensland’s Lake Somerset.  The bite for me up until then had been very tough, only 3 smallish bass had I been able to weigh in on day 1, Saturday.  Luckily it had been just as hard for everyone else as well, and I found myself placed in 5th position only 600gr behind the leader.


Sunday morning dawned fine, but with patches of thick fog.  Sometime whilst laying awake in the wee hours of the morning I had decided to leave my “safe” spot and travel to the “Spit” at the southern end of the lake, as I had heard some quality bass had been landed there the previous morning.   Arriving just as the fog descended, a quick sound around showed some nice fish holding close to the bottom in 25 ft of water.  Ten minutes of casting with a paddle tail soft plastic proved fruitless, so I changed to a ½ oz tailspinner in Wagasaki colour.



First cast, retrieving with a standard lift and drop, for half the cast distance, I decided to wind it in and cast again , as soon as I started winding, the lure was smashed by what felt like a good fish, 2 minutes later I was looking at a nice fish of around 2 kgs, sitting in the net, not a  monster for Somerset, but much bigger than any I had caught that weekend.  Second cast with the tailspinner and I was hooked up on the first turn of the reel, a small fish of around 34cm joined the big girl in the well, and I was bagged out, happy days.


The third cast drew a blank, the fourth cast was smashed right at the side of the boat, a nice fish, a little over a kilo went in the well, the smaller fish went back.  After that nothing!  It was all over, no strikes, taps, anything.  The boat fishing to our right caught ‘em, the boat to our left didn’t raise a scale.


Back at the weigh in.



No matter how good a bag you have, you never quite allow yourself to believe it is good enough to win, but as the weigh-in progressed, it became apparent that it had become a two horse race, and I was one of the horses.  The other was long time friend Steve Otto. We had compared what we thought we had in weight and knew it would be very close, in the end he had a little less than he thought, and I had a little more than I thought, and was crowned the Australian Bass Nation champion.


Coming soon, Part 2 – the Old Milwalkee Bass Nation.



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