Patriarch XT

The Patriarch® XT is one of the lightest spinning reels every made and it is packed full of innovative and top of the line features. From light inshore applications to tournament bass or walleye angling these reels provide the total package of lightweight power and silky smooth gear feel.

Bream and Bass anglers take note, Pflueger® takes spinning reels to a higher level of craftsmanship, materials and design with the all new 172 gram Patriarch™ XT, the lightest reel in its class.

Details matter to Pflueger engineers. To accomplish the goals of weight reduction without sacrificing endurance and performance, the team built the reel’s body, rotor and sideplate from a magnesium alloy to keep the reel ultra light.

The skeletonized, braid-ready spool is a bold approach for improved skirt design and reduces spool weight. The carbon handle with its lightweight EVA knob and carbon-fibre core is 21 percent lighter than other handles. The stem is ported and the spool drag

is inlayed with carbon fibre for additional weight reduction.

Nine shielded, stainless-steel bearings plus an anti-reverse bearing insure a smooth performance day after day, even in saltwater conditions. Line retrieval is enhanced with the anti-twist titanium line roller and solid aluminium wire Sure-Click bail. For added strength the reel features a solid titanium main shaft. The gear ratio is 5.2-to-1.

The Patriarch XT is offered in sizes 30 and 35.


  • 10 Bearing System – Corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings
  • Magnesium Body and Rotor – Feather light design
  • Skeletonized Spool – Extremely ported aircraft grade aluminum
  • Sealed Carbon Drag – Sealed system, always lubricated, always smooth
  • Carbon Handle – 21% lighter than aluminum
  • Titanium Main Shaft – Reduces weight and improves performance

Carbon Inlay Rotor – Ultimate in lightweight rotor construction

Carbon Arbor – Lightweight spool design that combines carbon and aluminum


PATXT SP30X 5.2:1 9+1 172gm 3kg 135m/3kg
PATXT SP35X 5.2:1 9+1 206gm 4kg 180m/4kg


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